I noticed that when I’m stressed out, I tend to isolate myself.  Even if I’m around people, I’m not really there.  Not fully.  I think that others do this, too.  So the question is: how many of us can be in a room at the same time and yet not really BE there for each other?  You and I would probably both say that people are more important than anything else, but maybe we don’t always believe it enough to live it.

So how about we stop?  Stop as soon as someone else walks in the room and just turn around and really look at them.  It might freak them out at first (maybe turn down the intensity of that stare).  But, yeah, just look at them and think “hey, you’re a human being and no paperwork/presentation/mental preoccupation/game on the tube/Internet site/podcast/or whatever else…is as important as you.”

And it doesn’t matter that the person in front of you might seem silly or even downright stupid.  He didn’t live your life, so how can you expect him to be like you (if that’s even really the best way to be).