Everyone has thoughts that seem to contradict each other.   It could be that one day you feel one way about something and another day you feel completely the opposite.  At times we are just a blend of conflicting feelings.  But that’s not always the reason for it.  Sometimes ideas might seem to contradict each other because we’re only looking on the surface of things.

Take, for example, the previous two posts on this blog.  One post mentions how important people are — more important than anything else possibly could be in life– and then the other post is about a boss complaining about his employees bothering him too much.  Well, if people are important, than shouldn’t he listen to them and put everything else aside and realize that nothing else really matters, because they after all are human beings?  Yes and no.  There’s a balance there; a point at which constant interruptions over petty things robs from everyone.  They rob the obvious first- time from the boss that he wants to dedicate to other activities (or maybe even to other people), but also they rob from the employees.  By the boss solving problems for others she (often unwittingly) gives them, not so much a shoulder to cry on, as a crutch to lean on.  The employee really can walk on his own and needs to do so, otherwise he’ll always be leaning… needing to be told what to do before he moves.  So the kindest thing that a boss can do is to teach the employee not to lean, to encourage him to figure out the problem himself, the best he can, even if the solution is not perfect.  The best gift that she can give to him at that moment is that of leaving him to ponder the problem alone.

So, yeah there can be some apparent duplicity in our actions or in what we say.  But dig deeper.