About this blog

This blog contains thoughts on writing, learning, indexing and creativity. That might seem like a lot to cover, but the four concepts overlap.

Who am I? I’m an indexer who owns an editorial services business called BIM Indexing & Proofreading Services (aka Broccoli Information Management). Our clients range from traditional publishers like Cambridge University Press and John Wiley & Sons to individual authors. Having been involved in publishing for the past 15 years, I’ve seen many changes, but nothing like the changes that are happening now and those yet to come. I write about them here. You’ll also find information on business in general, such as my recent post on employees.

But I also write about writing itself, as well as indexing. Such things as how to come up with ideas, how to know if you are truly a writer, what makes writing good, and other topics suggested by subscribers.

Oh, and you probably are wondering why I say that this blog is also about learning. If you are like me– whether a writer, an indexer, a proofreader, an editor, a copyeditor or a publisher– you love to learn. I can’t imagine anyone in the field of publishing who isn’t captivated by learning. But you may have noticed that despite making notes in the margins of many books and yellow-highlighting lines of text (or electronically highlighting them in your Kindle), many concepts don’t become part of our real lives. They just remain in our brains. We don’t act on them. So how can the chasm between the book and real action be breached? I’ll try to answer that as I learn how myself. And I hope to get help from you.

If all of this interests you, subscribe by email or RSS on the first page of this blog. You’ll be part of a growing group of editorial professionals and others who are passionate about books.

I think you’re one of us.


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